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ADLER acrylic spray paint Q10

Optimal weather durability, excellent stability, are features of the new generation of…


Whether it's rich, vibrant colors or subtle pastel tones – for the innovative ADLER acrylic spray paint Q10, nothing is impossible. The new generation impresses across the board: Many properties were further improved and optimised. The fast-drying topcoat, for instance, presents with excellent stability on vertical surfaces but still offers a very good flow. By optimal weather durability of the paint, a perfect surface can be guaranteed for wood windows for many years. Problems with surface defects? As of now: no more - these are rendered less visible by the matting effect of the paint.

The new ADLER acrylic spray paint Q10 is also equipped with good insulation properties, bleeding of the ingredients is almost impossible. Good fill, very good block-resistance and good haptic properties turn this advanced product into a true all-rounder.


  • very good flow, very good stability
  • good fill
  • very good block-resistance
  • very good de-aerating
  • faster hardening in thermal driers


  • RAL 9001 RAL 6005
  • RAL 9010 RAL 6009
  • RAL 9016 RAL 1013
  • RAL 7035

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