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The eco-friendly wood oil „Lignovit Terra“: inside, outside, ecologically

ADLER presents an ecological highlight for wooden constructions. The austrian paint factory has developed a wood oil based on renewable raw materials: Lignovit Terra. It is suitable for the use inside and outside and for all projects where health, environment and naturalness is a topic.



Lignovit Terra is a water-based wood oil, produced from renewable resources. As it doesn't contain chemical wood protection it is ideal for interior use like beams as for playgrounds, kindergartens and single family homes. It is certified according to strict ecological building criteria.

Environmentally conscious architects and privats have now at their disposal an ecological instrument for colouring the wood without detracting its healthy indoor climate and its naturalness. The coating is not only ecologically and medically completely harmless, it also provides matte finishes with a pleasant velvety feel .


Rainer Troppmair , head of the development department ADLER wooden building explains : " Lignovit Terra protects exterior wood from water damage and prevent cracking, all that without chemical wood preservatives. Indeed it is completely harmless and safe for children 's toys. If iafter a few years there will come up dark spots on heavily wheather exposed locations, these can be easily cleaned and then subsequently be maintaind. We know that those who focus on green building will of course accept this type of maintainance". Who does not want to miss up completely on wood preservation in the outdoor area can prime the surface with Lignovit IG.


The oil is available in a hughe range of different colour shades. From natural, earthy tones, all over colorful, to trendy shades in the gray area, which refer to the natural weathering of wood cover. The oil is naturally glazing the surface, emphesizing especially with birght colour shades the structure and vitality of the wood. Around branches or annual rings it brings great effects that the designer can take advantage of.

"We are convinced that we have thus developed a product for environmentally conscious architects and privates, with which they can realize all their ideas within the bounds of natural building and living," says Troppmair .

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