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Space for children

Space for children


For the architects Veronika and Achim Kammerer from studio lot, whose children themselves are taught in the Montessori-School, it was an obvious choice to translate the basic ideas of this holistic pedagogy into the language of architecture. In a working group with Johannes Wiesbauer and Norbert Mißberger from  MW Architekten they designed a child-friendly, natural and harmonious learning­ environment in the Bavarian town of Neuötting.


The new school building encircles the inner courtyard - a green oasis that invites pupils to meet, play and relax. The center of the complex is a spacious assembly hall, which is connected to the subjacent glazed sports hall and the bistro. It is a contact point for children, teachers and parents as well as a meeting place for school events.


In the same block as the assembly hall are the administrative offices, whilst the wings accommodate the classrooms. In their ground-level arrangement, they visibly express the democratic, equitable spirit of the Montessori pedagogy.


Each classroom is connected to an individual natural space, through which the common playground is entered. These small "front gardens" offer not only a retreat for the pupils that creates a sense of community, but also a lot of space for the design, as the green areas are also used for educational work and projects related to nature.


"Pure nature" was the determining principle for the studio lot | MW Architekten team when it came to choosing materials. The domestic larch wood on the facade is partly untreated, partly coated with ecological wood oil from ADLER: Lignovit Terra the colour Montblanc protects the larch from yellowing, creates a natural, matt surface and makes do without wood and film preservatives as well as without solvents and softeners.



The basic ecological concept of the Montessori pedagogical approach is also reflected in the interior design. The walls and ceiling beams made of spruce still give off the warm odour of fresh wood and have preserved their natural look and feel thanks to being coated with Lignovit Interior UV 100 from ADLER. While most surfaces create a quiet, simple atmosphere due to their natural wood colors, niches are used to create touches of colour in shades of red, blue and green. In these areas, the children can spend their breaks, retreat to learn something or play creatively.


The Montessori kindergarten is located right next to the school, separated by a play garden, but closely linked to it in terms of aesthetic design. Up to 50 children find a creative environment here. Two group rooms are connected by a spacious play area with the kitchen, a multipurpose area and a workroom. This proximity of school and kindergarten is intended to offer the children a pedagogical home from kindergarten age until they finish school: a harmonious community in which they can take the path towards individual development.


studio lot- Montessori-Project

Project facts
Montessori-Schule Neuötting, D
Montessori-Verein Unterneukirchen e.V.
Products used
ARGE studio lot | MW Architekten
Construction firms
Holzbau Moser KG, Hirschfeld Planotec Innenausbau GmbH, Tüßling Hackenbuchner Fassadenbau GmbH & Co KG, Dietersburg

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