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Aiming high with wood

Aiming high with wood

A tree grows over many years. This building grew in just six weeks. And yet is made of the same material. Wood. The 3000 cubic metres of wood required for this grow in Austria's forests in a single hour. That is sustainability!


Inside: wood. Outside: wood. All around: wood. And water. The Illwerke Zentrum Montafon lies in front of a majestic backdrop. In the middle of nature. That is also why the Vorarlberg company has brought nature inside: the energy supplier's new administration building is a timber construction of superlatives. One where wood not only plays a supporting, but also a visible role. With the LCT (Lifecycle Tower System) developed by it, the Hermann Kaufmann architecture firm from Schwarzach managed to get the best out of the sustainable material: the biggest office building made of wood throughout Central Europe at the time of its opening was created in a modern wooden hybrid design. The use of pre-fabricated wood-concrete elements eliminates the classic problems – static and fire protection – and allows the timber construction to reach new heights. Six, eight, ten storeys? LCT makes it possible.


In Montafon it ended up with five levels, over a length of 120 metres. The clear, linear cube even protrudes over the reservoir. The meticulously structured façade consisting of balustrades, window casements and canopies makes up the character of the building – and guarantees what was a particular concern to Kaufmann architects: equal quality for all 270 workplaces. All light, all with a magnificent view, all with a unique feel-good climate – thanks to wood. Because even in the interior, the planners opted fully for the natural building material. Wall panelling, doors, staircases, railings, chairs, cabinets: oak as far as the eye can see. The wooden fittings were all enhanced with the best paints from ADLER. For the doors, the classic ADLER Legnopur G10 was used, whilst the rest of the furnishings are livened up by a combination of the environmentally-compatible top water-based paints, ADLER Aqua-Intense GL and ADLER Aqua-Soft CFB.


The very special window elements supplied by Böhler Fenster, Wolfurt, are also made of oak: They practically dissolve into air and provide an open view of the surrounding forests and water. The Illwerke Zentrum Montafon is set in the green countryside and is a “Green Building”. It meets the stringent energy and sustainability criteria. A hint of green colour cannot be omitted inside either: the armchairs in the company restaurant come from the Tyrolean chair manufacturer, Hussl, which coloured the ash seats and backrests of its model “ST6N” with ADLER Pigmopur in the shade “Lime 11” and protected them against signs of wear with PUR-Antiscratch G10. The bar stools in contrast pick up on the theme of water with the turquoise blue colour “Jaga 11” The base frame on both is made of oak, primed with ADLER Legnopur and coated with  PUR-Antiscratch G10. Six chairs in special colours – yellow, red, black and white – act as eye-catchers. Small details and great architecture – wood does everything!

Project facts
Illwerke Zentrum Montafon
Products used
Architekturbüro Hermann Kaufmann
Construction firms
Tischlerei Telser, Tischlerei Albert Schneider, Tischlerei Sternath, Hussl Sitzmöbel GmbH, Böhler Fenster, Cree GmbH

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