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Even and earthy

Even and earthy

No steps, no barriers, no obstacles: the residential house designed by the architect, Norbert J. Bruckner has a clear and straight-lined appearance. A modern structure, fully in keeping with the sober style of the classic modern era. And yet the house exudes cosiness, life and warmth. By means of natural materials, harmonious colours and the accomplished dialogue with the surrounding landscape. Simply even and earthy.

Many people think that modern architecture has a cool effect – we wanted to prove the opposite to them,” the Upper Austrian explains. He managed to do that by skilful planning and material selection. Right from the entrance area, visitors are welcomed by a combination of ceiling-height glazing with a classic wooden batten façade in a warm dark brown/grey shade. “We sampled this shade specially, with the Pullex Plus-Lasur from ADLER being used in the end,” outlines Bruckner. As a result, not only the generous eaves protect the living material, but also a matching coat of paint.


The large window façades from Josko, which allow an unimpaired view from the living area to the garden, are protected outside by aluminium – and inside also by ADLER. A glazing shade of white on spruce harmonises perfectly with the interior furnishing crafted by joiners. Here Bruckner worked alongside a professional who was able to implement his ideas with fitting precision – his brother: for the doors and furniture, the Bruckner joinery opted completely for oak, whose beauty and strength accentuated them for instance with the wood stain ADLER Aqua-Style in the whitish, brightening colour, “London”. ADLER Legnopur G10, was used as a top coat, with its velvety matt finish underlining the natural, warm homely character. And even the dashes of colour come in an earthy guise – the ADLER experts developed the olive-green Pigmopur paint together with the client specially from a sample, which is combined with timeless white. Brightness and warmth thus pour through the whole house, which is no wonder, as Bruckner also aligned his property towards the sun after all. And indeed in such a way that the heat of summer is kept at bay and at the same time the low rays of the winter sun are optimally exploited.


It was very important to us, most of all, that our house fits perfectly into its surroundings,” the owner and his partner, Martina, are keen to emphasise. For this purpose, the Upper Austrian picked up on the traditional farmyard style of his homeland and skilfully transferred it to the present. By means of the U-shape, he manages to create an interesting interaction between the different living areas: living and working take place under one roof, yet neatly separated from one another. Also divided: the children's and parents' areas. Everybody comes together, however, in the generous living/dining room. A special view joins and separates – once again – the functional zones here: a rammed earth wall by the company Eder / Inpure underlines the earthy feeling and acts as a moisture reservoir in the building erected in a timber construction design. The owner satisfies his desire for warmth in the adjoining sauna and in summer in the outdoor area, into which the living area merges almost seamlessly. An idyllic swimming pool provides refreshment here – for the body and mind. This is living very close to nature. Simply earthy.

Project facts
Residential house by Architekt Norbert J. Bruckner
Products used
Bruckner Architektur
Construction firms
Joiner Bruckner

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