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Solid wood in a silver coat

Solid wood in a silver coat

A solid wood house where the wood is perceptible inside and out. That was what the Müller family from St. Peter an der Au in Upper Austria wanted. And for the architect, Karin Proyer, everything comes down to what her clients want. She only had to disagree with the family on one matter: by no means did she want to leave the larch facade uncoated – and hence unprotected from the wind and weather. Looking back, the Müllers are very happy that she persuaded them to do so.


"I needed plenty of persuasive power to get the facade treated. Beforehand, the clients were worried that they would often have to repaint it," explains the architect, Karin Proyer. Her arguments about longer durability, protection against weathering and a lasting, uniform appearance were not enough to change the Müller family's mind. In the end they visited several timber houses with coated facades to see the benefits for themselves.


They had always liked the house belonging to a work colleague in particular – and lo and behold: it was finished with Pullex Silverwood from the wood preservation expert, ADLER. The decision was thus made and has since not once been regretted. "The house looks more elegant painted. After all, it is a modern building and the silver look fits in well with it," says Petra Müller looking back. For the architect, paint is also more than about creating colour: "The coating supports the material quality. The shell of the house is deliberately an elegant Silbergrau [silver grey], like a protective rind. When the house opens up, the fresh, light wood is revealed. Our design places the building like a fine piece of furniture between the trees, calm and natural.


All other concerns have also blown over in the meantime. Especially the thing about frequent repainting: Pullex Silverwood does not form a covering layer on the wood, which could peel off, but instead penetrates deep into the wood and protects it against mould and parasites. In addition, Silverwood anticipates the natural greying of the timber, so to speak. Hence, even after years, there is no blotchiness and completely different appearance between the north and south side. Repainting? Not necessary! The Müllers are happy about that too, as they painted their house themselves. "We spent three days on the scaffolding," says Petra Müller. "We also experimented for a long time with the mixing ratio of Silverwood Natur and the colour Silber [silver]. But ultimately it turned out exactly how we wanted, and we are happy that we did it!"


Passers-by and neighbours regularly speak to them about their special facade. The architect Karin Proyer thus not only built a protective home for her clients, but also a well protected one. All wishes have been fulfilled and the Müller family has hit the jackpot with its house.

Project facts
Einfamilienhaus, Oberösterreich
Fam. Müller
Proyer & Proyer Architekten, Steyr
Construction firms
Zimmerei Buder GmbH

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