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The small and black

The small and black

With its tall and dark spruce trees through which only little light penetrates, the Black Forest does full honours to its name. In the North, where Tonbach meanders through the valley, it is the most original and the wildest. A natural Paradise and a fantastic place for a second home in which you can leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life behind.


The modern Black Forest house in Tonbach valley is such a haven. The small house created at ground level on a former fruit tree meadow fits into its surroundings to a T. It is only on taking a closer look that it strikes you on account of its inconspicuousness. The star attraction: the facade cladding made of simple and dark spruce wood shingles. It is a tribute to the architect duo Klumpp+Klumpp BDA for the traditional facades of the region and to the black beehive that stood here previously. With an area of only 90 square metres and its conciliatory stylistic elements, the Black Forest house is somewhat reserved and demure. But: Space is in the smallest inn – and thus, the sophisticated planning of the architects has provided for an open dining and drawing room, two bedrooms, one bathroom and, in fact, even one sauna room. 


In contrast to modern living architecture in white that is rich in contrast, the "House in Black" would like to be a part of the landscape. However – similarly in line with building tradition – the construction should not go unprotected against the weather: Impregnated and coated twice with ADLER Pullex Plus-Lasur in the Wenge colour shade, the wood that the facade is made up of is protected optimally against the sunlight and moisture. The natural character of the wood is maintained by water-based spray and immersion glaze finished from the range of ADLER Aquawood. The architects have continued with the colourful design concept of the external facade inside the house. Dark surfaces of the wall and ceiling as well as flooring and furniture made of smoked oakwood provide an atmosphere of peace and quiet and security. Those who come here would not like to perform official or social duties but enjoy the small space in peace and quiet.

Project facts
Products used
Construction firms
Facade work: Company Dieter Günther, Panting: Company Herter, Window construction: Company Hoheisen

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