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Here you will find the current technical data sheets for all ADLER products. 



By clicking on the desired category, you will see all pertinent technical data sheets. A simple click on the pdf starts the download.

2K-PU-Multilack Glänzend

Description Format
2K-PU-Multilack Glänzend: DE | IT | CZ | EN PDF

2K-PU-Multilack Matt

Description Format
2K-PU-Multilack Matt: DE | IT | CZ | FR | EN PDF

Aduro Softmatt

Description Format
Aduro Softmatt: DE | IT | CZ | SK | EN PDF

Aqua-Isoprimer PRO Spray

Description Format
Aqua-Isoprimer PRO Spray: DE PDF

Aqua-Multiprimer PRO Spray

Description Format
Aqua-Multiprimer PRO Spray: DE PDF

Aviva Alpen-Weiß

Description Format
Aviva Alpen-Weiß: DE | IT PDF

Lignovit Protect-Primo

Description Format
Lignovit Protect-Primo: DE | IT | CZ | FR | EN | SI PDF

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